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Introduction to 2023 CSR Report

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Bringing Value to Our Communities

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Delivering Value to Our Customers

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Valuing Our Employees

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Sustaining Our Environment

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Leading With Governance

Sustaining Our Environment

To support our commitment to the environment, we will endeavor to continue:

  • Being aware of, and actively seeking ways to reduce, our operational impact on the environment
  • Incorporating climate-related risk management in our business practices
  • Ensuring we have financial products and services that support our clients’ sustainability journeys
  • Engaging our suppliers on sustainability

A full version of Fulton’s Environmental Sustainability Statement may be found here.

Recycling by the Numbers

At Fulton, our commitment to sustainability is not merely a corporate initiative; it’s a fundamental part of who we are. Fulton believes that even the simplest actions can speak volumes about our dedication to sustainability.

Recycling diversion rates to date are:


Diversion rate as of Q4 2021


Diversion rate as of Q4 2022


Diversion rate as of Q4 2023


To be more sustainable, Fulton transitioned to the use of pens made of recycled materials. This simple change supports Fulton’s journey toward a greener and more environmentally responsible future.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Fulton emphasizes ethical standards for suppliers through the Supplier Code of Conduct, which focuses on integrity, transparency, governance, diversity, sustainability and social responsibility. This code aligns with Fulton’s core values and strategic priorities. Fulton provides support and mentorship, measures our progress and actively engages our communities to promote supplier diversity.

Supplier Diversity

In 2023, Fulton’s Sourcing and Procurement organization launched its webpage for supplier diversity. Fulton is dedicated to promoting DEI in our business operations, particularly in our relationships with suppliers. Through our active engagement with key diverse promoting and certification councils, Fulton is fostering connections with a diverse range of suppliers, amplifying our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. To date, Fulton has worked with 49 diverse suppliers with more than $3.6 million in total spending.

$3.82 M

Total Amount Spent with Small Business

$3.68 M

Total Amount Spent with Diverse Suppliers

Paper, Water & Waste Management

Waste Stream Diversion

Examining how our overall footprint affects the environment, Fulton focused on several waste diversion activities during 2023*:


pie chart of reduced land fill and increased recycling for 2023 


Download the Full 2023 CSR Report

Learn more about how we are working to change lives for the better.