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Environmental Sustainability Statement

At Fulton, our purpose - to change lives for the better – informs our business strategy and reflects our values. We recognize the environmental challenges that face our planet and believe that taking steps to address them in our local communities is an extension of our core value to “Do What is Right.”

We are committed to operating our business responsibly with a focus on creating long-term sustainable value for our company by increasing revenue, reducing costs, reducing risks, enhancing our reputation, strengthening our communities, and working towards meeting the expectations of our shareholders, customers, teammates, and communities.

To support this commitment, we will endeavor to continue:

  • Being aware of, and actively seeking ways to reduce, our operational impact on the environment
  • Incorporating climate-related risk management in our business practices
  • Ensuring we have financial products and services that support our clients’ sustainability journeys
  • Engaging our suppliers on sustainability


Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Fulton recognizes that there are growing concerns about climate change and the impact that it may have on the environment, businesses, and society. These concerns, along with the potential physical impacts of climate change, may lead to new regulations, financial risks, and reputational risks, and alternatively could result in opportunities for Fulton and our stakeholders. Accordingly, Fulton is committed to adopting practices that help us address these risks and opportunities.

To support this commitment, we will endeavor to continue:

  • Measuring, monitoring, and reducing our energy consumption and related GHG emissions associated with our operations.
  • Assessing the risks that climate change poses to our operations, including regulatory, compliance, economic, and physical risks, and if necessary, developing strategies and processes to manage such risks.
  • Evaluating opportunities to provide financial products and services that assist in the transition to a low-carbon economy and support the development and implementation of clean energy solutions.
  • Working with our suppliers and vendors, to encourage them to take steps to mitigate the environmental impact of their operations as outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Resource Conservation

Fulton recognizes the environmental impact associated with our use of natural resources and the importance of resource efficiency, conservation, and the proper disposal and management of waste. Therefore, we strive to operate efficiently, reducing our reliance on natural resources, and wherever possible diverting our waste from landfills through recycling and reuse.

To support this commitment, we will endeavor to continue:

  • Evaluating and identifying opportunities on an ongoing basis to reduce the use of natural resources in our operations and make our processes more resource efficient.
  • Seeking opportunities to expand access to recycling programs and the types of materials accepted for recycling.
  • Seeking to construct, retrofit, and maintain financial centers and offices following design standards that minimize waste and improve energy efficiency.
  • Seeking to reduce (i) water consumption through the use of water efficient technology and (ii) paper usage through the implementation of digital solutions and offering electronic statements and disclosures for clients who choose this option.
  • Promoting responsible behavior through raising awareness with respect to resource conservation and recycling by engaging teammates, sharing examples, and making it easier to participate in these efforts at all our locations. We will also seek to promote awareness among our customers and our suppliers of opportunities to minimize the use of natural resources and the generation of waste.


Governance, Transparency, and Reporting

The successful implementation of these commitments depends on good corporate governance and transparency about our efforts and progress.

To achieve this, we will endeavor to continue:

  • Enabling our Board of Directors to effectively oversee our environmental strategy, initiatives and progress, to include regularly reporting to the Board’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (NCG Committee) and other Board Committees as deemed appropriate.
  • Executing environmental directives and strategy, with appropriate environmental risk governance, through designated members of senior leadership, management-level committees, and cross-collaborative working teams.
  • Engaging with external stakeholders to solicit feedback about our performance, disclosures, and opportunities for enhancement with respect to environmental matters.
  • External reporting on the ongoing progress of these commitments will be published no less than biennially in our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Fulton is committed to implementing the efforts outlined in this statement. We also recognize there are many challenges to overcome on this path and that this work is just the beginning as we focus on creating long-term value.

We value the trust and confidence our stakeholders place in us and will work alongside them as together we face these environmental challenges head on and embrace the opportunities to build a more sustainable future.