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Introduction to 2023 CSR Report

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Bringing Value to Our Communities

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Delivering Value to Our Customers

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Valuing Our Employees

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Sustaining Our Environment

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Leading With Governance

Leading with Governance

Governance at Fulton Financial Corporation starts at the top, with our Board of Directors (Board), and includes Fulton’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Fulton’s Board members are elected annually by shareholders at its shareholder meeting.

Business Ethics

While some of the standards outlined in our Code of Conduct are required by law or are necessary to protect our interests, some simply represent doing what is right—one of our company’s core values. These standards are indicative of our uncompromising commitment to ethical conduct and integrity in every endeavor, big or small. Our Code of Conduct is not intended to address every possible ethical issue that may arise in our daily business activities. Rather, it is a set of standards that guides us. Every employee and every director of Fulton has the responsibility to promptly report actual or suspected code violations. We do not and will not tolerate retaliation against any employee, director or individual who in good faith reports actual or suspected unlawful or dishonest conduct.

Governance of CSR

Oversight of Fulton’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts is led and directed by the CSR Leadership Committee, which is chaired by the Director of CSR for Fulton. This committee is composed of a diverse leadership team representing all five pillars of our CSR Strategy: governance, employees, customers, community and environment.

This committee provides management and leadership to our working group teams, including developing this report and corresponding disclosures and metrics for our stakeholder community.

The CSR Leadership Committee also works closely with a diverse number of leaders throughout the year to enhance our public disclosure of CSR through our policies and programs and to develop corresponding metrics to provide information regarding our progress.

Fulton’s Board is engaged with and has oversight of our sustainable strategies and activities. Regular reports are shared with the full Board as well as the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board (NCG Committee), which has direct oversight of CSR. The Audit Committee of the Board (Audit Committee) receives updates from our Chief Audit Executive regarding our metric disclosures, which are approved by the management-level Disclosure Committee. The Risk Committee of the Board (Risk Committee) also receives updates from our Managing Director of Enterprise Risk Management regarding Fulton’s climate activities. There are frequent human resources and other social topics related to CSR that are reviewed and approved by the Human Resources Committee of the Board (HR Committee).

At Fulton, our corporate social responsibility is to deliver on our purpose to change lives for the better. This third report highlights our continued efforts to do so.


     2023 Board Diversity, Age and Tenure:





Underrepresented Minorities



Independent Board Members



Average Director Age, in Years


Average Director Tenure, in Years


Compliance Program and Compliance Risk Management

Fulton maintains a compliance program that is designed to achieve compliance with consumer financial protection requirements and promote a culture of compliance. It establishes a compliance management framework that helps ensure Fulton meets its legal and regulatory obligations and treats consumers fairly. Fulton’s compliance risk management also includes processes for risk assessment and issue management, regulatory change management, marketing, product change and service provider reviews.

Customer Advocacy

At Fulton, our customer experience objective is to listen to our customers, take action on what they’ve said, and improve their experiences over time. Our customer advocates take all complaints seriously and actively address all of those received.

Fulton employs a centralized complaint management program (CMP) which ensures Fulton complies with consumer protection laws and regulations. Overseen by the Chief Executive’s Office of Customer Advocacy, our process allows us to self-identify and self-correct any potential areas of weakness in processes and regulatory risk matters.

Risk Management / Business Continuity

While each of Fulton’s Board committees is responsible for overseeing the management of certain risks that are relevant to their committee responsibilities outlined in their charters, the Risk Committee is primarily responsible for overseeing the management of enterprise risk for Fulton, and the entire Board is regularly informed about such risks through committee reports and review of board committee meeting minutes.

The Risk Committee evaluates Fulton’s established risk appetite and considers emerging risk factors such as ESG in its regular oversight and monitoring of management’s risk reporting and analysis. Climate risk factors in the credit and operational risk domains are considered in the risk appetite and monitoring processes.


Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all customer data is a priority for Fulton. Among the many measures in place to protect our customers are a comprehensive Information Security Program, comprehensive risk management practices and a Fraud Risk Management Department. Fulton’s Information Security Program features a continuous improvement mindset along with a defense-in-depth approach to cybersecurity.

Board of Directors

Fulton’s Board members are elected annually by shareholders at its shareholder meeting. We are proud of our diverse, experienced Board that provides exceptional guidance and leadership to continue driving Fulton to change lives for the better.

Fulton Bank Board of Directors

Fulton Financial Corporation

  • Curtis J. Myers, Chairman
  • Jennifer Craighead Carey
  • Lisa Crutchfield
  • Denise L. Devine
  • Steven S. Etter
  • George K. Martin
  • James R. Moxley III
  • Antoinette M. Pergolin
  • Scott A. Snyder
  • Ronald H. Spair
  • E. Philip Wenger

Fulton Bank*

  • Curtis J. Myers, Chairman
  • Jennifer Craighead Carey
  • Lisa Crutchfield
  • Denise L. Devine
  • Steven S. Etter
  • Janice M. Hamby
  • Dolores A. Laputka
  • George K. Martin
  • James R. Moxley III
  • Antoinette M. Pergolin
  • Michael F. Shirk
  • Ivy E. Silver
  • Angela M. Snyder
  • Scott A. Snyder
  • Ronald H. Spair
  • E. Philip Wenger

*Fulton Bank Board of Directors as of January 1, 2024.

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