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Introduction to 2023 CSR Report

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Bringing Value to Our Communities

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Delivering Value to Our Customers

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Valuing Our Employees

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Sustaining Our Environment

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Leading With Governance

Valuing Our Employees

The Fulton Experience

Successful companies shape their cultures instead of allowing their cultures to shape them. Our corporate culture, the Fulton Experience, is woven into everything we do — from the way we collaborate with our teammates to how we interact with our communities and customers to how we stay accountable and productive.

Our Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Statement

Human Rights Statement

We have adopted a Human Rights Statement to underscore our commitment to advance our values and change lives for the better. It formalizes those values and our commitment to our employees, customers and all stakeholders.

An excerpt follows, but the full statement can be found in the CSR report.

"Fulton Bank’s purpose is to change lives for the better. Fulton is committed to upholding the dignity, value and fundamental rights and freedoms of all people as set forth in the United Nations (U.N.) Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For our employees, this commitment means we will provide equal employment opportunity and safe, healthy working conditions free from discrimination or harassment. We commit to fostering an inclusive, supportive environment where we acknowledge, respect and welcome a diverse and collaborative working team.

For our customers and communities, this commitment means we will provide fair and responsible banking and access to financial products and services to promote economic advancement for everyone we serve. We will work to protect the privacy of our customers and safeguard their confidential information.

In order to change lives for the better, we recognize the inherent value of all people and treat them with dignity and respect. At Fulton Bank, this commitment forms the core of all that we do, as we build on this truth to achieve our purpose."

The Employee Experience Council (EX-Council)

The Employee Experience Council (EX-Council) works to:

  • Enhance and Sustain the Fulton Experience
  • Monitor Alignment Between Employee Value Proposition and Employee Experience
  • Improve the Employee Experience
  • Advocate for a Digitally Empowered Workplace

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DEI Award of Excellence

We’re committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, where we acknowledge, respect and welcome a diverse and collaborative working team. At the core of our company, Fulton works to welcome and support the differences of our employees.

We continuously celebrate diversity and intentionally create an inclusive culture where everyone feels empowered and valued.

In that spirit, the recently created Fulton Bank Diversity Equity and Inclusion Award of Excellence is presented annually to nominated employee(s) or team(s) that exhibit an overall outstanding commitment to the Fulton DEI mission.

DEI Award Winner, Megan Trone

Megan Trone, Consumer Loan Documentation Manager

2023 Award Winner

Employee Training and Development

Fulton has a strong corporate culture that helps to attract and retain top talent. We strive to promote a continuous learning culture and provide the training and development tools and programs necessary to promote career progression for employees interested in advancement.

Navigating Your Career

As part of nurturing internal candidates, this helps employees gain the skills to present themselves as a top candidate during interviews. 

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Driving Value and Opportunities to Neurodivergent Individuals

Fulton is identifying opportunities across our organization to pilot a program to identify neurodivergent candidates in partnership with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions.

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Talent Succession and Planning

Strong bench strength for critical roles ensures the success and sustainability of our company. We offer targeted development opportunities to help our leaders grow and prepare for further opportunities at Fulton.

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Coaching to Lead Program

As part of our advanced coaching series, these modules help managers inspire and empower their teams and build greater effectiveness into their daily coaching and leadership.

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PowerUP! Program

Expanding our program that empowers employees’ digital skills, in 2023 we piloted the Digital Leadership Curriculum focusing on data fundamentals and fluency for leaders.

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Pillars of Leadership Program

For employees with an interest in and capabilities for growing leadership skills and responsibilities, the program creates holistic leaders who are agile, curious, and embody a growth mindset.

Download the Full 2023 CSR Report

Learn more about how we are working to change lives for the better.