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Business Banking Bundle

Flexible, cost-efficient solutions for your business payment needs.

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Your small business is unique and so are your payment needs. Small business product bundling enhances your ability to get paid, pay people, and protect your business with our fraud services - making it easier to get the products you want with greater flexibility in pricing. 


In order to be competitive today, your business needs to adapt to changing payment needs. Now it’s easy to send or receive payments based on the products and pricing that are right for you.


Our product bundle pricing structure was designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, so that you can select a structure that aligns with your business needs. Depending upon the bundle you create, you have choices between flat-fee or pay-as-you-go.

Greater Control.  

Products and pricing are transparent, so you budget the products and pricing that work for your current business needs and can grow as your business grows.


If your business has more complex banking needs, higher transactions, and larger operating balances, our relationship managers will work with you to build a customized a solution that helps you manage your cash flow.

Get started and optimize your costs. Contact us.

To get started, reach out to your Relationship Manager, use the contact form below, or visit your local financial center.