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Fulton Bank

ACH Services

ACH payments are win-win.

One-time or recurring, accepting ACH payments saves you time and money. Providing your customers with greater flexibility and effortless payments means they're more apt to keep coming back. And, getting set up to accept ACH payments doesn't have to be a monumental challenge.

Delight customers. never need to track down regular payments.

Your customers want things to be easy, too. Especially if your business cycle requires recurring customer payments, it could be easy to forget. ACH can make the customer experience simpler, and change your focus from collections to something more important.

Get paid faster.

Accepting ACH payments means you get paid faster. While you might not be able to completely eliminate cash or checks, you may be able to take less frequent trips to the bank.

Spend less in payment processing fees.

Compared with other payment processing options, accepting ACH may save you in fees. Even just adding ACH to your payment mix could make a difference.

We're right around the corner.

Connect with your local branch manager to talk about moving your business forward.

Security Alert.

Our ACH Fraud protection services help protect you from messages like this. We offer an extensive selection of services to strengthen your ACH security efforts.