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Fulton Bank


Payments made convenient.

Managing your cash flow is critical to the success of your business – whether you’re a startup or an established small business.  We offer a variety of disbursement services that allow you to make electronic payments to vendors, pay Federal and State Taxes, and provide direct deposit for your employees. 


Sending payments to businesses and individuals is now faster and easier with BOSS, our business online banking solution. When you initiate payments, BOSS creates a National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) file, eliminating the need for costly in-house software. 

Domestic and International Wire Services

When you need to move dollars quickly and securely, our wire services are the answer. Whether you are sending money within the U.S. or across the world, this service expedites the process, saves you money, and improves security.

Controlled Disbursement Service

Our controlled disbursement service provides you with timely reporting on checks that will clear against your account each night – so you achieve better visibility and control over your outgoing cash flow.

  • Maximize borrowing and investment opportunities
  • Reduce complexity and increase savings
  • Achieve better control of outgoing cash flow
  • Identify your daily cash position and fund disbursements on a same-day basis
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