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Your Top 5 Finance Questions from 2023

Whether you’re a student looking to negotiate your tuition, a family looking for a smarter way to budget, or a couple who wants to create the best offer for a new home, you’ll find tips and insights from our most frequently asked financial questions.


1. What can I do if my personal data is compromised?

Unfortunately, data breaches can be a common occurrence. If your personal information is compromised in a data breach, follow 7 simple steps to help contain the impact, and keep your finances, credit score, and identity safe from criminals.

  • Change your passwords.
  • Sign up for two-factor authentication.
  • Freeze your credit.

Read the full article for all the steps you should take after a personal data breach.

2. How do I create a simple budget that helps me reach my goals?

A budget isn't only about tracking your expenses, it’s understanding your larger financial picture so that you can adjust your plan to meet your financial goals. Using percentages allows you to create a budget that flexes with your income and prioritizes your spending.

Learn how to “slice” your budget into easy-to-understand categories.


3. How do I make a winning offer on a house?

As demand for homes outpaces supply, you may find yourself competing with other buyers to find that "just right" property. Use these 8 tips to help create an offer that gets accepted by the seller. For example, a large deposit or loan pre-qualification could sway the seller or you could include an escalation clause which increases your offer over other bidders.

Explore more “winning offer” tips.

4. Can I negotiate the cost of my college tuition?

While it's not widely advertised by schools, the short answer is yes, it's possible to work with a college or university to get a better deal on tuition, fees, and other costs of attendance. The amount of money you could negotiate from the tuition bill ultimately depends on the school. But you may be able to lower the cost by anywhere from 5% to 15%.

  • Financial aid packages aren't always set in stone; it's possible to negotiate more aid.
  • Tuition and financial aid negotiations may be need-based or merit-based.

Discover more tips on how to lower your tuition costs.

5. What questions should I ask before I open a bank account?

Although every bank allows you to save or borrow money, the difference is in the details with financial institutions. To choose the option that best fits your situation, there are 9 important questions to consider.

  • What are the bank's fees (minimum balance, account maintenance, overdraft fees)?
  • How easy is it to transfer money out of your account?
  • Can you access your money while travelling?

Read the full article for more questions to ask your bank.

As you start the new year, it’s the perfect time to take control of your finances and discover how you save money on everything from bank accounts to college tuition.


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