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Fulton Bank


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Review credit report annually Your credit report shows potential lenders how well you manage debt. It’s a good practice to review your free annual report. Credit Basics-What it is and why its necessary Understand the basics and background of what credit is and how it affects you. Credit card debt costs This infographic breaks down how much credit card debt can cost you in the long run. Are credit card balance transfers worth it Credit card balance transfers can make credit card debt more manageable, while potentially saving you money. Learn how transferring a balance works. Why do I have multiple credit scores

Credit scoring companies use different formulas which may result in different scores. Follow these tips to better manage your credit scores.

Credit card fraud safety tips Credit card fraud is on the rise. If you see unfamiliar charges or suspicious activity on your statement, follow these important steps and tips to protect your account and help prevent future occurrences. 10 important banking terms This simple guide helps you cut through bank jargon and better understand commonly used financial terms and acronyms. What is buy now pay later Buy Now Pay Later allows you to break down purchases into installment payments. Learn how it works, how it affects your credit, and if it's a good fit for you. Financial moves for every age Use this guide to maintain good financial habits, in every decade of life, and achieve your goals.  5 things to know before you open a credit card Credit card can open doors or close doors. Here's what you need to know to avoid credit card debt and use your credit card to your advantage.