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Fulton Bank


From Our Leaders

Fulton Bank has always been a purpose-driven bank. Our 3,200 team members are focused on providing the best banking experience for our customers and strengthening the communities we serve. In recent years, we have developed a more formal and strategic approach to these activities, one that enables us to take pride in all that we have accomplished and also to identify opportunities to do even more. As part of this journey forward, we are proud to share our first formal Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Over nearly a century and a half, Fulton Bank has understood the importance of resilience, of hope and of the power of community. This has been especially true in recent years, as our nation, and the world, adjusted to the ever-changing challenges of a pandemic. While we adapted to new and unusual circumstances, we also took the opportunity to reflect on our approach, seeking to be even more personal and people-driven in everything we do. 
We increased our understanding of what employees need and want to be successful, for we know that creating positive relationships with our customers begins with supporting and nurturing our team. We deepened our connections to customers by enhancing our ability to listen to each customer as an individual, understanding what’s important to them and tailoring our products and services to meet unique needs. 

We also are fulfilling our purpose to change lives for the better in the communities we serve. Through gifts of volunteer time and charitable dollars, and by finding new ways to reach out to previously underserved customers, we have created opportunities for more and more people to thrive. 

In short, we continue to make banking personal, and to care about our team, our customers and the communities we serve. And, through it all, we remain fully committed to being a leader and a partner in creating a healthy, vibrant and prosperous community. 

We invite you to join us in celebrating all that has been done and focusing on the myriad opportunities that lie in the future.