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Supporting Our Teams

2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

At Fulton Bank, our values define us and our culture inspires us to change lives for the better. Our employees are the heart and soul of Fulton Bank, as they demonstrate our values and culture every day and every success we experience begins with them. We are one company with many voices, which is why we champion a culture of continuous learning, work-life integration and inclusion. As part of our human capital strategy, we are also committed to making positive impacts in our local communities and promoting a digitally enabled work environment to continuously enhance the experiences of our employees and customers.




Part-Time Employees


Full-Time Employees


The Fulton Experience

The success of the Fulton Experience is dependent on the enthusiasm and engagement of our employees. Fulton’s Culture Action Team is committed to providing our volunteer Culture Champions with guidance and the resources to develop fresh ideas that will help keep our culture energized every day – no matter the circumstance.


Volunteer Culture Champions


a man giving a presentation with large speakersa group of employees in matching shirtstwo woman smiling in an audience

Ensuring that our employees are heard and that their commitment and work is recognized is also a key component of the Fulton Experience. Our system of recognition badges enables our employees to provide positive feedback and reinforcement across the entire company.


Recognition Badges Presented


two people walking in front of a wall that says change lives for the bettera wall painted with a sign that says the fulton experiencetwo women walking in front of a wall that says be curious


We Do What Is Right: Supporting Our Team's Health & Wellbeing

No asset is more valuable than people, which is why our commitments to our employees are comprehensive. At Fulton Bank, we embrace concepts of doing what is right by treating employees fairly, creating a safe and inclusive work environment, and helping them to ensure their health and safety. This means we support our people in every possible way, including through the benefits we provide to them.

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Our health benefits include medical, dental and vision plans, prescription drug plans, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and access to telehealth. These are available to employees and their eligible family members, including domestic partners.


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Our wellness benefits include a wellness reimbursement program for stress management, weight reduction and other wellness programs; wellness and financial fitness resources; short- and long-term disability; life insurance; business travel insurance; and workers’ compensation.

retirement benefits


These benefits include 401(k) plans, employee stock purchase plans, paid time off, bereavement leave, holidays, parental leave, military leave, banking benefits, an employee recognition program, an employee referral program and scholarship awards for qualifying children of employees.


a woman giving a presetnation 


EverFi delivers online financial literacy programs to all Fulton employees and their immediate family members as an employee benefit.


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Employee Experience Council

Begun in 2020 to enhance the Fulton Experience and improve workplace challenges identified by employees, the Employee Experience Council includes leaders who can have an impact on an employee’s journey, addressing everything from technology and culture to policies and facilities.


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To foster an ideal work-life balance according to each employee’s needs, we offer remote and hybrid work options, based on the unique characteristics and duties of each role.


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These accounts allow employees to set aside pre-tax money for qualified commuter and parking expenses they incur while traveling to and from work or parking at work.


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To support employees and their families during difficult times, we offer this program at no cost to employees and immediate family members. It includes assistance in coping with issues such as marital relationships, grief/loss, adoption, substance abuse, stress management and more. We offer programs promoting mental wellness, family leave access and domestic partner benefits. We have strict policies protecting employees against harassment and discrimination.

Investing In Our Best: Employee Training, Development & Engagement

Fulton Bank fosters a continuous learning culture at all levels, so our employees can refine their professional and personal skills in service of their colleagues and customers. By continuing to improve ourselves, we can increase our ability to change lives for the better.


Total Training Hours


Average Training Hours Per Employee



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Develop U


As we seek innovative ways to foster employee career growth, we empower all employees to own their professional development through Develop U, an internal employee learning portal launched in 2021. The portal allows employees to nurture skills and knowledge critical to their current and future roles.





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Deep Dive Wednesday

This initiative encourages team members to set aside time on one Wednesday each month to focus on their priorities and opportunities to learn and grow their skills.



Employee Engagement


When we live the Fulton Experience, we create a more appealing, productive and cooperative working environment, and our customers can feel the difference.

  • During onboarding, new hires are presented with the Fulton Experience as part of our new hire orientation.
  • Culture conversations are part of our monthly team meeting agendas to provide new and creative development opportunities.
  • Our Culture Action Team provides leadership and resources for 387 volunteer Culture Champions who "champion" our culture.
  • We provide training with a two-day leadership course and an online class and video for other employees.
  • We use recognition badges to allow for positive feedback and reinforcement from co-workers.

In 2016, Fulton Bank initiated an annual engagement survey of all employees. In the survey’s second year, we received the Employee Voice Award for most improved engagement from survey vendor Quantum Workplace. Fulton conducts this survey annually, and uses the results to improve our employee experience for continuous improvement.


Favorable Responses for Employee Engagement Score


Engagement Survey Response Rate




Center for Learning & Talent Development


Since 2015, our Center for Learning & Talent Development has been dedicated to developing a higher level of learning maturity across the company, while building a leadership pipeline through sustainable talent management practices. We strive to develop a skilled, creative and engaged workforce that places our customers first and supports our communities.


Leadership Training Participants


Program Mentors in 2022


Program Mentees in 2022




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Tuition Support


This program aids employees in obtaining a degree at an accredited college or university in an area of education that will impact their career growth at Fulton. Full-time employees who have completed their introductory period and actively work at least 80 hours per pay period are eligible for 80% reimbursement.


in Tuition Reimbursement from 2021 to 2022


Employees in Tuition Reimbursement Program from 2021 to 2022


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Internship Program

With higher education partnerships across our five-state footprint, Fulton’s interns receive insight and exposure to careers and banking. To advance diversity across our organization, we awarded 13 diversity scholarships to participants, with nine recipients ultimately being hired by Fulton.

Talent Attraction & Management

Fulton Bank is built on the character of its people and is deeply committed to nurturing a talent pipeline to not only support future growth but also to support individuals committed to professional development and improving their community. We are diverse and inclusive in our talent attraction programs by having active partnerships with 12 historically Black colleges and universities, and we seek forward-looking individuals who understand that relationships are the core of our business.


New Hires


of Our New Hires Are Women


of Our New Hires Are People of Color

Differences Make a Positive Difference: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

At Fulton Bank, our values define us and our culture inspires us to change lives for the better.

Our Definitions:



This relates to any way in which employees may differ from one another. This includes, but is not limited to, the legally protected characteristics — as well as broader individual characteristics — such as perspectives and viewpoints, life experiences, education, skills, cultural background, communication style, and socio-economic background.



This means we’re ensuring our internal systems, policies, and practices are creating opportunities for everyone to perform at their very best each day, and enabling them to receive equitable compensation, be recognized and have opportunities for advancement.



This is a process to create and maintain an environment where everyone has a sense of belonging and where they are comfortable bringing their true self to work every day. We show appreciation for our unique characteristics so that all can reach their potential and maximize their contribution to the organization.

Our ongoing commitment to question all we do — with the goal of continuous improvement — has propelled us on our DE&I mission, including delivering an Allyship Development Program for all employees.

We host a companywide annual Black History Month Program that features virtual events on history, celebrations, entertainment, leadership, art and guest speakers. During our annual Hispanic Heritage Month Program, we also host virtual events, live cooking demos, Hispanic business leaders, and a lunch with live music.





of Fulton's Office of the Chief Executive Officer are Women


of Fulton's Enterprise Leadership Team are Women


Racial/Ethnic Minorities


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Equitable Hiring Practices

We are transparent with salary ranges during the interview process. Salary offers are based on a candidate’s qualifications, competitive benchmark information and internal pay equity.

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Equitable Pay Review

We comply with applicable federal, state and local equal pay laws and continue to refine our recruiting, hiring, pay and performance review policies and processes to ensure that employees are paid fairly and equitably based on qualifications, job duties and performance. We undertake an annual pay equity study to identify anomalies and take corrective actions.


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Allyship Development Program

This program is designed to create a common language around DE&I and the business case for advancing DE&I. The program deepens employees’ understanding of the ways that bias affects every person and creates barriers to DE&I. The program seeks to increase commitment and skills related to cultural competence and allyship, while building dialogue skills that bolster inclusivity and allyship.


icon of people putting puzzle pieces together

Inclusive Leadership Series

We launched this series to engage in DE&I conversations using candor, compassion and courage, while developing listening skills to be more inclusive leaders who champion DE&I within their teams and across the enterprise. The series articulates the importance of Fulton’s business case for DE&I and how it aligns with functional areas and teams.

DE&I Responsibilities & Governance

  • The Fulton Board of Directors is responsible for promoting and overseeing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts throughout the organization.


  • Our Human Resources (HR) Committee is responsible for review and approval of our DE&I policy.
  • Senior Leaders are responsible for overseeing the effective implementation of this policy and performing all duties delegated by the Board of Directors in accordance with this policy.


  • Fulton’s Chief Diversity Officer is responsible for overseeing diversity, equity and inclusion programs and activities and for reporting on results of diversity, equity and inclusion activities and programs to Senior Leaders, Fulton Board of Directors and the Fulton HR Committee on an annual basis.


  • In partnership with the Human Resources Department, the Legal Department is responsible for ensuring that this policy is aligned with regulatory guidance. At the direction of Senior Leaders and/or the FFC Board of Directors or the Bank Board of Directors, the Legal Department assists with matters related to this policy, including but not limited to investigations of non-compliance.


  • The Human Resources Department – in conjunction with hiring managers – is responsible for recruiting, hiring, retaining and promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce and for providing training to foster awareness and create a culture of DE&I.



Employee Resource Groups

Our five Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide opportunities for groups of employees to enhance their professional experience, serve a business purpose, and support and model Fulton’s commitment to DE&I within our workforce and communities.


of Employees Participate in ERGs

fulton future employee resource group photo with icon 


This ERG’s mission is to enhance the visibility of newer professionals to foster innovation toward a modern workforce, develop and secure successful talent and enrich the communities we serve. In collaboration with the Women in Technology ERG, Fulton Future sponsored and participated in a Girls on the Run community event.

 people of color icon


This forward-thinking ERG supports the career and life advancements of employees of color at Fulton. People of Color Experience members serve as a conduit for professional development, mentoring and advancement opportunities. In 2022, this ERG coordinated and participated in the Lancaster YWCA’s Race Against Racism. It also sponsored students to attend Mark 1 — a leadership development program — with the Urban Financial Services Coalition.

 pride icon


The mission of this ERG is to celebrate and connect the LGBTQ+ community and their allies at Fulton Bank, and work to ensure that Fulton provides a welcoming and inclusive workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary and queer employees. In June 2022, Fulton Pride sponsored community pride events in Pennsylvania and Delaware and inspired the redesign of employee name badges to include gender pronouns.



veteran's dog tag icon


The Veterans’ ERG is designed to improve talent acquisition, retention and engagement of veterans by sharing experiences, connecting employees, supporting effective transitions from the military and leading volunteer and outreach activities. This ERG led a virtual company remembrance for Memorial Day.


women in tech icon


The mission of this ERG is to empower Fulton Women in Technology by engaging a diverse network of professionals to inspire, educate and connect women working on both the technical and business sides of technology. This group organized a fundraiser for Girls Who Code, the international nonprofit that aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science.



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