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Fulton Bank
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Fulton Bank


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small business work from home tips It is easy to get out of balance when your home also becomes your small business office. Use these 6 work from home tips to maintain your work/life balance. separate business and personal accounts

Separating personal and business accounts helps you get a clearer picture of your finances. Check out 4 ways it can benefit you and your business.

Small business money moves to start the year out right It's a new year and new opportunity to put your business on the right financial track. Here are 4 small business money moves for 2020. Veteran owned business certification Learn how to become certified as a veteran-owned small business to take advantage of opportunities and grow your company.  Protect your business from cyber attacks Cyber-attacks against small businesses are on the rise. Follow these 4 steps to protect your business's sensitive information. Planning for the unexpected Preparing your small business for the unexpected can make a big difference in how well it manages challenging events. Adopt this 5-point plan to keep your business on track.  Unlock your business cash flow If cash flow problems are making it difficult to keep your business on track, this article provides 3 ways to “unlock” the cash from inside your business. 6 steps to take before offering customers credit Offering credit can attract more customers to your small business, but is it worth the risk? Use these 6 steps to ensure they are a good credit risk.  Ways to reduce overhead Follow these 4 key strategies to help reduce overhead and lower expenses without sacrificing service, delivery, or quality.  Improve employee onboarding Increase the odds of your new hires becoming loyal employees and making valuable contributions to your organization. Recognize the most common onboarding mistakes and use these tips to correct them.