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Fulton Bank


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Are you saving enough for retirement Even if you’re decades away from retirement, it’s important to know if you’re on track to reach your future goals. Here’s a retirement planning reality check to learn if you’re saving enough now to live comfortably later. 401k rollover options If you’ve recently transitioned out of a job, it’s important to understand the options you have for your 401k. Financially plan for your retirement It’s never too early to plan for retirement. Use these questions to help you financially prepare for the retirement lifestyle you want. Review your Retirement Plan Annually Changes in your life can affect your retirement planning. Whether it’s finances or relationships, learn the 5 key reasons you should review your plan every year. 5 expenses to consider before relocating for retirement

Thinking about relocating when you retire? Review these five expenses to help decide which location is best for your needs.

Investing during a crisis During a crisis there are opportunities to invest. This article shows you how to determine a strategy based on your personal risk tolerance.  401k and Other Retirement Savings Plans A 401(k) is a great way to save for retirement but consider giving your financial planning a boost with these additional options. Learning from stock market history Bear markets are a fact of our investing lives, but they’re still surprising each time they occur. Here are key lessons we’ve learned about the market from the past and what to expect in the future. Working with a financial advisor

Making the decision to work with a financial advisor or doing it yourself means asking (and answering) the right questions.

Financial resolutions Ready to improve your financial health in 2021? Use these tips and to-do’s to get your finances in shape for next year and beyond.