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Due to system maintenance, you may experience intermittent outages of some of our systems April 12 – April 14.


Get greater control over your electronic payments.

Effortless ACH transactions

Our ACH (Automated Clearing House) puts you in charge of your processes, instead of the other way around. Our easy-to-implement solutions can help you improve cash flow and increase accuracy.

ACH payments are electronic bank-to-bank money transfers allow businesses to securely send electronic payments even if they have different banks than the recipient. Signing up to send or receive ACH payments requires both sides to connect their bank to the ACH network and give permission to deduct or credit their account.

  • Save time and money. Business moves fast these days. ACH payments help you to be more efficient with your time. No need to write checks to pay vendors or employees and completing paperwork and reconciling your accounts is easier as well.
  • Control cashflow. ACH gives you more control over your accounts, you’ll know exactly how much money you have at all times, helps you manage things more efficiently, make purchases with vendors, and eliminates concerns over lost or delayed checks.
  • Greater security. ACH payments minimize the risk of a payment being forged, lost, or stolen.

Protect your business with fraud services

Our ACH Fraud protection services ensure your business is protected. We offer an extensive selection of solutions to help you feel confident in accepting ACH payments.

Direct Deposit of Payroll 

Available within BOSS, our business online banking solution, Direct Deposit provides you with easier reconcilement, reliability and security.

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