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Money Management™. Take better control of your finances. 

Online and Mobile Banking have made banking even more convenient. Now you have more control over your finances – at no cost to you. Money Management is a best-in-class product that’s fully integrated into Online and Mobile Banking. You can quickly and easily view your accounts, create budgets, manage debt, and more from one secure location.

Save time. Combine all of your accounts.

You won’t have to log into various accounts at different institutions. Money Management enables you to combine information from your accounts in one convenient place – so you can view a more complete picture at a glance.  View accounts from all your financial institutions in one place, make goals, track spending trends, and manage debt.

Conveniently track expenses.

How much do you spend on groceries, eating out, or shopping each month? What about utilities and rent?  Money Management makes it easy to monitor your spending by category.  It automatically categorizes (and you can also create custom categories) to help you see where your money is actually going.

Manage debt. Don't let it manage you.

Among the many powerful tools Money Management offers you is the ability to manage your debt in one location.  You can quickly view balances, APR (Annualized Percentage Rate), last payment date, and minimum payment.  You can also project payoff dates and prioritize your debt payoff.

Special Features:

  • View trends and track income over a 3,6,9, or 12-month period
  • Create budgets and long-term goals
  • Receive email or text alerts to stay on top of important account changes
  • Assemble a complete picture of financial situation

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