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Fulton Bank


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How to create good debt and steer clear of bad debt Before you take on any debt, consider whether the money you borrow is “good debt” or “bad debt.” This article helps you understand the difference between the two and provides examples which debt can help you reach important goals and which could damage your financial future. Holiday budget tips Do you find yourself overspending during the holidays? Americans typically spend more than $1,000 during the holidays, with much of it financed on credit. Use these 5 tips to keep from overspending this holiday season. Organize your finances Follow these three simple steps to get a jump start on organizing your finances. Five steps to start saving This article offers 5 steps to help you jump start your savings and put you on track for creating a foundation for more security and for reaching your long-term goals. 5 Common Budget Busters Creating a budget is a great first step to putting your finances on the right track, but it’s easy to go off course. Here are five smart tips to help you avoid the most common budget pitfalls and sticking your plan. How to create and stick to a budget Learn how to create a budget in a few steps. The good news? It's something anyone can learn and succeed at. Grocery shopping budget Grocery shopping can quickly eat up your budget. Follow these 13 tips to help you pay less and still eat well. Budget Categories The first step to greater financial stability is creating a budget. This infographic shows you how to divide your budget into categories to meet your financial goals. Emergency Fund Whether it's to cover car repairs or an unexpected job loss, an emergency fund is essential. This article shows you the 4 best ways to begin and boost your emergency fund—even on a tight budget. Health savings account basics If you have a high deductible health insurance plan, a Health Savings Account (HSA) allows you to pay for eligible medical expenses tax free.