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Fulton Bank
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Fulton Bank


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Protect your business from cyber attacks Cyber-attacks against small businesses are on the rise. Follow these 4 steps to protect your business's sensitive information. Protect your business from online threats Be proactive to protect your small business from online threats. Follow these 10 strategies to help avoid potential cyber-attacks.  COVID-19 Vaccine Scams Vaccine-related fraud and identity theft are on the rise, but you can lower your risk by following these 5 steps. How to recognize romance scams Romance scams have doubled in the last year. Protect yourself and your personal information by recognizing the signs. What is Smishing Learn how to recognize and avoid smishing—a scam attack using text messages to trick you into providing personal details.  Charitable Donations - 4 Tips for Safe Giving Like many of us, you want to help people who’ve been impacted by natural disasters. How do you know if your money is going to a legitimate charity? Here are 4 important tips to donate money safely. Credit card fraud safety tips Credit card fraud is on the rise. If you see unfamiliar charges or suspicious activity on your statement, follow these important steps and tips to protect your account and help prevent future occurrences. How to talk to teens about online security As teens spend more time online, they can inadvertently expose personal information to fraudsters. Follow these strategies and tips on how to talk to your teen about developing better online security habits.  Protect your personal information Whether you’re using email, shopping online, or playing a game on an app, your personal data is vulnerable. Here are 7 ways to safeguard your data from hackers. How to protect yourself against email scams Email scams are on the rise. Follow these steps to protect your personal and financial information from scammers.