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Fulton Bank


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Small business money moves to start the year out right It's a new year and new opportunity to put your business on the right financial track. Here are 4 small business money moves for 2020. Review credit report annually Your credit report shows potential lenders how well you manage debt. It’s a good practice to review your free annual report. Credit Basics-What it is and why its necessary Understand the basics and background of what credit is and how it affects you. Are credit card balance transfers worth it Credit card balance transfers can make credit card debt more manageable, while potentially saving you money. Learn how transferring a balance works. Why do I have multiple credit scores

Credit scoring companies use different formulas which may result in different scores. Follow these tips to better manage your credit scores.

Health savings account basics If you have a high deductible health insurance plan, a Health Savings Account (HSA) allows you to pay for eligible medical expenses tax free. Pet ownership cost Owning a pet has many rewards but the average cost can exceed $1,000 a year. Understand and budget for the costs before bringing home Fido. Teaching your teens about money Use these tips to help give your teens and pre-teens a basic financial education. How to create and stick to a budget Learn how to create a budget in a few steps. The good news? It's something anyone can learn and succeed at. buying a new vs used car Buying a lightly-used car is generally the best way to save. But with the pandemic, there are new factors to consider.