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Fulton Bank
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Fulton Bank


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Choose the right credit card

Before you apply for your next credit card, follow these strategies to help you find the right card for your financial needs.

Credit Basics-What it is and why its necessary Understand the basics and background of what credit is and how it affects you. Credit Basics- Whats a good score and how to build it Learn about what makes up a good credit score and how you can build (or maintain) good credit. Pet ownership cost Owning a pet has many rewards but the average cost can exceed $1,000 a year. Understand and budget for the costs before bringing home Fido. Five steps to start saving This article offers 5 steps to help you jump start your savings and put you on track for creating a foundation for more security and for reaching your long-term goals. Teaching your teens about money Use these tips to help give your teens and pre-teens a basic financial education. How to create and stick to a budget Learn how to create a budget in a few steps. The good news? It's something anyone can learn and succeed at. Bank account questions Not every bank offers the same products, rates, or customer service. Here are 9 questions to ask before opening a bank account. Budget Categories The first step to greater financial stability is creating a budget. This infographic shows you how to divide your budget into categories to meet your financial goals. How to manage your checking account Your checking account is the foundation of your finances. Use these 4 basic concepts to successfully manage your account and take control of your finances.