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Rate Cap Program

Protect yourself against rising interest rates.

Whether you’re buying or building a home, you can protect yourself against fluctuating interest rates with our Rate Cap program.

Eliminates the effects of fluctuating interest rates.

Interest rates are rising and buyers are now facing a one-two punch: a red-hot housing market and rapidly rising rates. Our Rate Cap program allows you to finance your home with the security of knowing that you can lock in a fixed rate or float down your rate before closing if interest rates fall.

  • Lock in a mortgage rate for up to one year. In a competitive housing market, you need flexibility. Our Rate Cap program allows you to lock in a fixed or adjustable rate for up to one year with various term options on conventional, construction, or jumbo loans. 
  • Float down your rate. If the current rate is lower than the locked in rate, your rate is brought down so that you get a better rate on your mortgage.
  • Refundable fee can be applied to buy the rate down, or toward closing costs. A 1% upfront fee is refunded upon settlement and can be used toward closing costs or applied to buy the rate down if rates fall.

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