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Mortgage Coach®

A smarter way to make decisions about your mortgage.

Buying or refinancing a home involves a lot of decisions.

  • What kind of loan should I get?
  • What term should I select—long or short?
  • Should I wait for rates to go down or home prices to change?
  • How do I make a competitive offer?

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Working with one of our mortgage professionals gives you access to Mortgage Coach's Total Cost Analysis (TCA), a tool that helps you make confident decisions with interactive charts and detailed loan options. 

Make informed and confident decisions.

Buying a home will probably be the largest purchase you make in your life. Total Cost Analysis tool helps ease the burden of choosing the right option. You can compare various cost scenarios to take the guesswork out of understanding your mortgage options. 

Customized to your unique needs.

Get answers to your specific questions. Total Cost Analysis isn’t a generic report. It’s customized for you. 

  • Will a larger down payment really affect my monthly payments?
  • Can I afford a larger mortgage?
  • How can I pay my loan off early? 

By using your information and matching it to your goals, you can decide which option works best for you. 

Easy to understand format. 

Total Cost Analysis takes loan options, rates, down payment information, plus more, and translates them into charts and graphs so you can simply and easily understand the details of your mortgage loan choices. Analyze the details of each loan and review additional loan possibilities with your mortgage professional—at no cost or obligation. 

calculator iconCompare Mortgage Terms

A Total Cost Analysis shows how you can reduce your total interest spent and build more wealth through equity faster. You'll know exactly which option meets your current and future needs.

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House symbolCost of Waiting Analysis

A Cost of Waiting analysis allows you to see future rates and calculates the amount of equity you would have if you purchased now, vs. the same amount of equity you risk losing if you wait.

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Dollar bill symbol Rent vs. Own

Your current rent is paying someone else's mortgage. The Rent vs. Own Analysis helps you understand the long-term benefits of home ownership. You'll see detailed information including  the monthly payment, total cash to close, rate, and the tax benefits of home ownership.

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Pencil symbolAnnual Mortgage Review

Your Total Cost Analysis can provide an Annual Mortgage Review to ensure you have the right financing in place to help you stay on track with achieving other goals and milestones.

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