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Go Green with your Banking

Money isn’t the only thing that’s green in banking these days. Many banks have embraced technology that supports efficiency and an eco-friendly environment. Use these six tips and tools to save time and money while also helping to contribute to a more sustainable environment. Small steps like these can have a big impact over time.

1. Go paperless and sign up for e-statements.

Not only does it help the environment by using less paper, it can also reduce clutter around your home and in your mailbox. Most importantly, it’s safer to access your statements online than receiving in the mail. What’s more, you’ll get your bank statement as soon as it becomes available and statements are just a click away in online banking.

2. Use mobile deposit instead of depositing checks.

Save time and the hassle of driving to bank. You can deposit checks from anywhere with mobile deposit. All you need is smartphone and a mobile banking app.

3. Use your bank’s bill pay feature.

No stamps. No mailing. Sign up for Bill Pay and you can access and pay your bills from one secure location. No need to go to different company websites or remember multiple passwords. Save time by setting up automatic or recurring payments. It’s also a great way to avoid late payments and any payment fees.

4. Sign up for direct deposit from your company (if available).

When your paycheck is automatically deposited into your account, you’re saving time and the environment. Direct deposit eliminates unnecessary paper checks and is often available faster.

5. Use other payment methods besides checks.

Person-to-person payments like Zelle®, Venmo, and PayPal® allow to pay someone or split bills with others electronically—right from your account.

6. Make sure your current email is on file.

Your email is an efficient and paperless way your bank can send you important information and updates about your account(s).

Steps like these can lead to big results when helping to reduce paper waste, save money, and create a better, cleaner environment. Go green!

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