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5 reasons to shop local

You have so many options when it comes to buying the things you want. But when you buy lunch at your local café or purchase handmade jewelry from your neighborhood boutique, you’re helping your neighborhood business stay in business. While shopping online can be convenient, here are some great reasons to visit and shop right in your hometown.


Local small businesses add a personal touch to the shopping and buying experience. Small business owners tend to be generous with the service they provide to locals, whether it's discounts for first-time orders or regular customers or a punch-card to earn a free item. Many options like curbside pick-up or other special arrangements that started because of the pandemic are continuing as part of regular business. Ask, and you're likely to receive special accommodations or incentives for paying frequent visits.

Boost the local economy

Every time you spend money at a small business in your area, you can feel good that you are boosting the local economy, often in multiple ways. For example, by eating out at a locally-owned restaurant, you're also supporting area farms and providing jobs for young people.

Support for community services

Local stores often donate a portion of their proceeds to charities, organizations, and schools in the area. Your purchases can positively impact your community by supporting neighborhood efforts like arts education, sports teams, and eldercare services.

Budget-friendly specials

Many local restaurants offer weeknight deals to attract folks that live nearby. Look at your town's website and newspaper for promos such as "kids eat free" or "half-priced appetizers." They're out there and will help you splurge, and give back, while staying on a budget.

Healthier food alternatives

Supporting the local farmers' market allows you to purchase fresh, seasonal produce that's healthier for you and the environment - plus it's often cheaper too. In addition, when shopping on main street, walking store-to-store will definitely help you burn more calories than sitting at your computer. It's a win-win. 

Shopping local can be a rewarding, enriching experience for you and those in your community. This is the perfect time to think locally. Give back today!


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