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Fulton Bank
Fulton Bank

Merchant Processing

By offering more payment options to your customers, you can create a more convenient, streamlined, and credible payment processing environment. In turn, your business can benefit from higher sales, improved cash flow, and enhanced payment security. We offer both debit card and credit card processing technologies that support all major card types. With the support of your Relationship Manager, uncover more effective ways to accept payments -- in-person or remotely -- and prioritize overall security.

Accepting Card Payment

Accommodate your customers' needs for convenience and simplicity by accepting credit card and debit card payments.

Payment Security

Enhance customer security and safeguard your assets with tools that help prevent fraud and ensure compliance. 

Layers of Support

  • Rely on our Customer Support Team at 1.888.849.6012 to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Depend on our team to proactively monitor and address any of your transactions that appear risky or fraudulent.
  • Conveniently, access your monthly transaction activity, statements, and more in the FirstView Portal.
To create a new account in the FirstView portal, please call Customer Support at 1.888.849.6012.