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Digital Billing & Collection Services

Reduce costs by automating customer invoicing & payments.

Take advantage of efficient, digital options to accelerate receivables, avoid costs associated with manual payment posting and postage, and make it convenient for customers to do business with you. Our EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) and Payment Consolidator solutions can streamline payment management. 

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Simplify invoicing and accept payments with our automated, all-in-one system

Our Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment solution (EBPP) transforms traditional paper-based bills and payments, delivering faster and convenient payment methods to your customers or vendors. That means good things for your cash flow.

Automate your invoice, collection and account reconciliation activities so that you and your team have more time to take care of business. The EBPP platform, which is branded with your corporate identity, seamlessly works with your existing accounting software, and you choose which features - any or all - to add. Plus, with one click, your customers can make online payments using their choice of multiple payment options.

Benefits for you and your business:

  • Reduce or eliminate costs for manual invoicing, payment processing and collection
  • Offers more transparency and control with real-time messaging and on-demand access to payment history with automatic payment tools
  • Receive a detailed remittance file
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering convenient ways to pay, any time, 7 days a week
  • Receive payments faster

Benefits for your customers or other payers:

  • Flexible ways to pay online or by phone using credit and debit cards, PayPal, and checks (ACH)
  • Manage and pay bills in one place with customizable notification capabilities to never miss a due date
  • Payment can be sent from any desktop and mobile devices, via online portal, texts, digital wallets and more
  • Convenience to make payments on their time
  • Reminders about upcoming payment due dates to keep their accounts in good standing

Payment Consolidator 

Automate the collection of bill payments and reduce costs. 

Payment Consolidator is an eLockbox service, helping businesses of all sizes streamline and automate the collection of paper checks from bill pay services. Designed to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and streamline reconciliation of consumer payments, it can also be integrated with BillPay Exchange to connect your company’s billing details with your customer’s payment preferences.

Fast, efficient payments. 
Payment Consolidator provides real-time reporting for visibility into external payment details and single remittance file to post all payments.

Accurate remittance data. 
Your business can set rules to automatically validate the data. Billing and account data arrives with the transaction data. 

Cost - effective processing. 
Automated processing saves your business time and money. Includes a data correction tool, to help save and apply correction to future payments. Payment Consolidator is also integrated with our Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Platform, so you can use the same portal for payment detail reporting and AR files.  

Integrate BillPay Exchange. 
You have the option of adding BillPay Exchange. This integration helps your customers obtain your invoice, reducing any delays in getting your payments. This provides customers a seamless experience with up-to-date bill content, control over payment methods and timing.


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To learn more or schedule a demo of our digital billing solutions contact your Fulton Bank Relationship Manager or use the Contact Form below.

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