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Fulton Bank Opens Federal Hill Financial Center in Baltimore

(November 22, 2021) BALTIMORE, MD– Fulton Bank has opened a new financial center in Federal Hill at 1100 Light Street, part of an ongoing expansion in Baltimore.

Over the last few years, Fulton Bank has opened its Yard 56 Financial Center at 5715 Eastern Avenue, a financial center at 929 North Wolfe Street, and a mortgage office at 820 North Wolfe Street. The bank is planning to open another financial center in Northwood Commons early next year. They will be among more than 25 locations the bank operates in Maryland.

"We are excited to continue our expansion in Baltimore,” said E. Philip Wenger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the bank’s holding company, Fulton Financial Corporation. “Our mission is to change lives for the better, and we do that by establishing financial centers and teams in local communities, building relationships with individuals and businesses, and then focusing on helping them to achieve their financial goals.

The Federal Hill Financial Center provides a wide range of solutions to meet the banking needs of customers throughout the Baltimore community. In addition to opening accounts, performing transactions, and offering essential banking services, the team can also demonstrate how to use and assist with the setup of digital solutions, such as online and mobile banking. Philip Allen is the Financial Center Manager at Federal Hill.

The financial center is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. It also offers a walk-up ATM. Customers have the option to make an appointment to meet with a banker by calling the financial center at 410-649-7509 or via online or mobile banking.

Contact: Steve Trapnell
Office: 717.291.2739

Federal Hill Financial Center staff

Pictured: Universal Banker Latoya Watson, Financial Center Manager Philip Allen, and Financial Center Supervisor Sheryl Phelps.