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Fulton Forward Contributes to housing agencies

Seven local housing agencies in The Columbia Bank area received donations from the Fulton Forward initiative. Our congratulations go out to:
  • Go Northwest – a community-based nonprofit organization that provides homeownership and financial education, counseling and technical services for individuals and families to help them address their housing needs and achieve their financial and homeownership goals
  • Harbel Community Organization – a multipurpose organization that works to build and support communities through service, advocacy, and empowerment
  • Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. – a nonprofit community-based organization that works to foster an environment where residents, business owners, and stakeholders feel confident to invest their time, energy, and money
  • NHS Baltimore (Neighborhood Housing Services) – an organization dedicated to promoting home ownership, improving the physical appearance of neighborhoods, developing community leadership, and stabilizing the local real estate market
  • CHAI (Comprehensive Housing Assistance Agency) – CHAI’s mission is to strengthen neighborhoods with a significant Jewish presence by developing and enhancing housing, affected community development, and supporting aging-in-community
  • Southeast CDC (Community Development Corps) – a nonprofit is dedicated to growing and supporting a thriving, socioeconomically, and racially diverse Southeast Baltimore where residents share in the success and improvement of their communities
  • Guidewell Financial Solutions – an organization that offers financial counseling services to all members of the community, along with certified housing counseling, and education programs

Fulton Forward’s mission is to help build vibrant communities through gifts of time and dollars – designed to foster affordable housing, drive economic development, and promote financial literacy in the neighborhoods we serve.

Fulton Forward - housing agencies