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Fulton Bank
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Fulton Bank


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Common social media scams Social media scams are on the rise. From “fun quizzes” to romance scams look out for the five most common scams.  COVID-19 Vaccine Scams Vaccine-related fraud and identity theft are on the rise, but you can lower your risk by following these 5 steps. Protect Yourself from Zelle and other P2P Scams P2P digital payment apps like Zelle are popular but can be risky.  Protect yourself from scammers with these 5 tips. How to recognize romance scams Romance scams have doubled in the last year. Protect yourself and your personal information by recognizing the signs. personal data breach tips If you find out that a company you do business with – or an online service that you use – has suffered a data breach, make sure you complete these steps right away. What is Smishing Learn how to recognize and avoid smishing—a scam attack using text messages to trick you into providing personal details.  10 ways to protect yourself online Use these 10 strategies to help protect your personal and financial information while online. Credit card fraud safety tips Credit card fraud is on the rise. If you see unfamiliar charges or suspicious activity on your statement, follow these important steps and tips to protect your account and help prevent future occurrences. Avoid Tax Scams Your financial information can be more vulnerable to fraudsters during tax season. Use these 4 tips to avoid scams. protecting your child from identity theft Children are more likely to become victims of identity theft than adults. Learn how to protect your child.