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Student loan basics

Most students and parents will need loans to help pay college expenses. It’s important to understand the basics before you borrow.

Buying your teens first car Helping your teen buy his or her first car doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride. This parent’s guide will make the car buying process easier —from creating a budget to the actual car buying experience. Summer budget lessons for your teen Just because school is out learning about money shouldn’t stop. This article provides 4 smart ways to raise your teen’s financial IQ this summer and prepare them to better manage money. College finance tips for new grads 47% of college students say that they don't feel prepared to manage money. Here are 10 tips parents can use to help them better manage their finances. How to talk to teens about online security As teens spend more time online, they can inadvertently expose personal information to fraudsters. Follow these strategies and tips on how to talk to your teen about developing better online security habits.  protecting your child from identity theft Children are more likely to become victims of identity theft than adults. Learn how to protect your child. 529 education savings plan basics

Understand the basics of how a 529 Savings Plan can provide a tax-advantaged way to help pay for education.

When to create a trust A trust isn’t just for wealthy individuals. Review these four financial situations where a trust can help make transferring your assets easier.  Child tax credit payments Learn how the Child Tax Credit is changing and if you're eligible to receive a monthly payment, plus access our guide on how to wisely use the funds. Financially Prepare to Start a Family A baby will have a big impact on your personal finances. Take these 10 steps to save money and have greater peace of mind.