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Fulton Bank


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Adjusting your retirement plan Are you reconsidering your retirement strategy because you lost your job, suffered a financial setback, or your retirement account took a hit due to the coronavirus crisis? If so, try not to panic. 7 steps to help you prepare financially for changing jobs Many people resigning at work don’t consider the true cost of changing jobs. Our 7-step financial checklist can help you prepare you to transition to a new job.  Coronavirus stimulus payment The IRS will be distributing stimulus payments due to COVID-19. These 7 strategies can help you make the most of your money based on your unique needs. Investing during a crisis During a crisis there are opportunities to invest. This article shows you how to determine a strategy based on your personal risk tolerance.  Talking to kids about financial changes As parents, we want to protect our kids from the realities of household finances. But if you’ve experienced financial changes, it’s smart to talk as a family. Here are age-appropriate ideas. Ways to help your community during COVID-19 Whether you’re “social distancing” or quarantined, you can support your neighbors and your community. Here are 5 ways to help. Small business aid during COVID-19 While COVID-19 is impacting every area of society and disrupting businesses, congress along with measures by states are providing needed financial relief. This article reviews the available programs. What is a recession While recessions are a normal part of the economic cycle, they can have negative impacts on people and their families. Learn how a recession can impact you and how you can be prepared for the next one. Learning from stock market history Bear markets are a fact of our investing lives, but they’re still surprising each time they occur. Here are key lessons we’ve learned about the market from the past and what to expect in the future. Unexpected Job Loss Many people are currently facing sudden loss of income, here are 10 steps to take if job loss happened to you.