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Fulton Bank

Consumer Protection & Insurance

Benefits for what's important.

Your ability to pay future health costs and save money on healthcare and other services starts with understanding your options and working with a trusted partner. Working with partners like FIMC, we can help you find the right plan at the right price. Start protecting your future today.

Real Benefits for Real Life™ by FIMC

Silver Safeguard - Protect your family, health and finances

Real life often throws us a curve. We’ve partnered with FIMC1 on a plan to help give you peace of mind by filling the gaps left by insurance and other membership plans. 

For a low monthly cost, get money-saving benefits to cover your family in case of unexpected life events, including:

  • Co-pay free virtual healthcare gives you direct access to a doctor to diagnose and treat non-emergency illnesses
  • Hospitalization reimbursement with protection for unforeseen medical bills with a $500 reimbursement for a 3-night stay in a hospital for you or your spouse
  • Prescription and medical device discounts
  • Identity Theft Protection with high risk transaction alerts, dark web alerts and credit monitoring
  • Financial help with common life events, including marriage, divorce, moving, or the death of a loved one
  • Savings on everyday purchases, including wholesale club memberships, travel and dining

Home & Auto Plan - Protection against unexpected costs

Unanticipated out-of-pocket expenses like a fender bender or getting locked out of your house can add up and impact your budget. Home & Auto by FIMC helps fill the gaps left by insurance and other auto club coverage to keep more money in your pocket.

Get added protection and discounts for a wide range of home and auto expenses for a low monthly rate:

  • Unlimited towing & roadside pays for towing, jump-start, lock outs, tire change and more
  • Auto and Home Deductible Reimbursements will reimburse your out-of-pocket insurance deductible up to $500 if you need to file a claim
  • Auto Repair Reimbursement reimburses up to 30% of qualified auto repairs
  • Child Accident Benefit will reimburse emergency ambulance, paramedic and outpatient medical services
  • Unlimited Locksmith Services if you are locked out of your home or lose your car keys
  • Discounts on repair costs, travel and entertainment

A safety net for unexpected expenses.

An affordable way to create a financial safety net for unexpected healthcare, home, and family events and save on unexpected home and auto expenses including home and auto reimbursement and auto repair rebates.