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Certificates of Deposit

Higher returns. Choose your terms.

Certificates of Deposits (CDs) are among the easiest ways to save if you don't need immediate access to your money. Generally, you’ll earn a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account. And you can choose a term from 3 months up to 6 years.

We offer both traditional CDs and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) CDs, both with a minimum opening balance of $1,000.

More benefits. Competitive Rates.

Relationship Banking

You deserve an account that gives you more. Open any Relationship Banking account and get preferred pricing rates on your next CD or other eligible account.¹


Certificate of Deposit (CD) Calculator

Enter the CD amount and interest rate into this calculator to see how much a CD can grow over its lifetime (usually 12 to 60 months). This calculator is for educational purposes only and may not reflect exact or actual interest earned. Results may vary and are dependent on how often interest is compounded along with other variables.