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Debit Card Controls

More control. More security. More peace of mind.

Now located within Debit Card Center.

Misplaced your debit card? No problem. Debit Card Center is the perfect solution. Now you can quickly turn your card ON or OFF within Debit Card Center. Plus, it offers you greater control over how and when your debit card is used, and the information you can see about all your debit card transactions.

Lock icon  Instantly lock or unlock your card.

  • Log into Online or Mobile Banking, click on Card Management, and then click on Debit Card Center.
  • Once you are in Debit Card Center, you will see all your active debit cards and information displayed.
  • Just tap on the toggle switch underneath the debit card you wish to turn off or on When you turn your debit card OFF, all attempted transactions will be declined – except for recurring transactions1 (like steaming services and monthly gym memberships) so there’s no interruption in your service.
  • If you find your card, you can easily turn your debit card back to ON, by following the instructions above 


Shield icon Easily set up transaction alerts.

Debit Card Center also gives you complete control over your debit card use – from setting up alerts to blocking transactions from specific merchants to setting spending limits. You can create alerts and blocks by: 

  • Merchant Type. Block transactions from specific merchants such as gas stations, restaurants, department stores, hotels, and airlines
  • Transaction Type. Block by transaction type like mail/phone orders, ATM, online purchases, and more
  • Location Type. Block transactions from merchants processing payments internationally
  • Set Spending Limits. You can set spending limits by dollar amount -- and any amount that exceeds that amount will be blocked


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Want to learn more?

Debit Card Controls can be customized to your specific needs. Check out our PDF of frequently asked questions.