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Together, we can create and manage your retirement goals.

What are your priorities? Whether it’s buying a home, paying for your child’s education, or planning for comfortable retirement, we all have short and long-term goals that need sound financial planning to be successful.

At Fulton Financial Advisors, our goal is to make financial planning an easy, informative, and engaging process for you. One of the innovative ways we accomplish that is with our Goal Planning and Monitoring (GPM) software tool.

A financial plan built around your personal goals

Together, you and your advisor will create a customized goal plan, test adjustments in real-time, and predict your retirement readiness.

This intuitive, highly-visual resource gives you a snapshot of how various factors can impact how soon and how well you can reach the goals you envision:

  • Create goals.  Answer key questions to uncover your priorities about what your ideal retirement looks like and what’s truly important to you and your family
  • Identify resources.  Gain a better understanding of your overall financial picture by viewing all your income and assets in one place
  • Understand your risk tolerance.  Understand your tolerance for risk and identify scenarios to formulate your long-term investment strategy
  • Review results.  Evaluate the plan with your advisor so you achieve the “confidence zone” or “green zone”– the optimal financial position to achieve your goals and keep you there over time

Plus, the GPM tool will help you see how changes, small or large, impact the success of your plan and stress-test your choices to help you feel confident that, you can stay on track.


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