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The digital solution for making payment processing easier.

Discover a seamless way to manage your business transactions with our cutting-edge Integrated Payables solution. Streamline your payment processes and unlock new levels of efficiency for your business.

How It Works:

  1. Upload – seamlessly upload payment files from your ERP or Accounting system.
  2. Process – our intelligent automation ensures accurate and efficient payment processing.
  3. Approve – utilize optional approval workflows for secure payment authorization.
  4. Disburse – payments are automatically dispersed to your vendors on the appropriate send date.
  5. Track – real-time tracking provides visibility into the payment lifecycle.
  6. Reconcile – simplify reconciliation with automated processes for accurate financial records.
  7. Notify – stay informed with timely notifications and alerts on critical updates.

Reduce costs. Save time. Increase revenue.


  • Process payments across multiple systems in a single payment file by seamlessly connecting to your ERP/Accounting system.


  • Implement various controls to combat fraud, including the ability to monitor payments as they are submitted, approved, and released.


  • Migrate away from paper checks to electronic payments which can help lower costs and reduce the amount of time spent by employees manually printing, signing, stuffing and mailing paper checks.


  • Cash rebates from qualified virtual card spend can turn your cost center into a revenue generator. Schedule payments to be posted on their due date and potentially take advantage of vendor discounts by extending payment terms or by paying early.

For more information on how to put Integrated Payables to work for you, contact your Relationship Manager or Cash Management Sales Officer to schedule a consultation.

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View our printer-friendly product information sheet to learn more about the Integrated Payables solution.


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