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Fulton Bank
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Fulton Bank


Your all-in-one payments platform.

Get all your business finances in sync with FINSYNC’s all-in-one payment platform. We’ve partnered with FINSYNC to deliver payroll processing and help you centralize control of cash flow for your accounts at Fulton Bank. The result: better business outcomes.

Better Together.

Sync your Fulton Bank Accounts to FINSYNC and streamline the key functions for your business—payroll, cashflow and payments. You’ll free up time spent on multiple platforms and optimize your business operations.

Payroll and Payments Made Simple.

Enrollment in FINSYNC's payroll service is simple. For payments, all you need is an email address to pay anyone using funds from your synced bank account or credit card. And you can also give your customers a choice in how they securely pay you.

Optimize Cash Flow.

FINSYNC empowers you to focus on having the right amount of cash on hand at the right time. You can manage payroll, cash flow, payments and automated accounting in one convenient platform.

Intuitive Interface.

Your FINSYNC portal is easy to navigate and manage the critical accounting functions of your business backed by our US-based support team.

Get Started Today

Enrollment is simple and your business can have new services implemented quickly. The cost is reasonable and offers real value when compared to other services. Fill out the form to start your free trial.

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