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Cash Sweep

Take the guesswork out of managing idle funds.

Cash Sweep puts your cash to work by sweeping funds from a commercial checking account into a liquid investment account, or by paying down line of credit balances. By investing excess funds and borrowing only the cash you need, you can maximize interest earned and minimize interest paid -- without manually analyzing cash positions each day. This service centralizes cash control while simplifying the maintenance of separate business accounts. Work closely with our team of cash management representatives to keep financial goals on track.

Cash Sweep Structure

  • Automated System - Optimizes available cash based on daily deposit and disbursement activity.
  • Concentration Account - Funds transfer automatically between the primary checking account and the overnight investment and/or line of credit account.
  • Zero Balance Accounts - Combine multiple checking accounts into one overall sweep relationship while still maintaining separate accounts.
  • Short-Term Investments - Balances in excess of $5 million can be invested in our Cash Reserve Investment Management (CRIM) program. CRIM complements our overnight Cash Sweep investment structure by maximizing returns while still providing appropriate liquidity. This option is available through Fulton Financial Advisors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fulton Financial Corporation.

Sweep Options

  • Master Note (Commercial Paper) - Issued by FFC Management, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fulton Financial Corporation, this is one of our highest yielding investment options. Master Notes are guaranteed by Fulton Financial Corporation.
  • Repurchase Agreements - Collateralized by U.S. government and/or agency securities held by an independent custodian. A daily confirmation will be delivered to you and will itemize the collateral and interest rate.
  • Line of Credit - Maximize your interest savings with automatic advances or paydowns based on current-day account activity. Can be combined with investment options above.

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