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Fulton Bank
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Fulton Bank

Getting Started

Start with precise planning based on dependable research.

Developing a Business Plan

Step-by-step, this workshop shows you how to develop each business plan component by evaluating the market, creating a strong value proposition for your products and services, and to integrate financial data. 

Discover the key elements of researching and writing a successful business plan. 

Creating a Strategic Plan

This interactive workshop will help you turn your business ideas into a strategic blueprint for reaching your goals and objectives.  

The workshop also shows you how to craft a mission statement and leverage scenario planning to guide your planning.

Pricing Your Products and Services 

This workshop provides the resources you need to develop competitive pricing models and guidelines on when to raise or lower prices based on your business goals. 

Your pricing strategy is critical to your ongoing success in the marketplace.

Identify Your Sales Strategy

Which distribution channels are best for your product or service?  How do you develop a sales forecast based on research and your market situation? This interactive workshop helps answer those questions and guides you through the process of ensuring your sales strategy aligns with your business goals.

 Building Your Brand

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to understand how to create an effective branding strategy that will differentiate your business in the marketplace. 

Branding can become your most valuable asset in helping attract and retain loyal customers.

Targeting Your Market

Identifying your target market through research and creating profiles based on demographics, psychographics, and behavior can help you focus on those customers with the greatest potential for buying your product or service.   

This workshop helps you leverage insights for better business results.

Preparing a Cash Budget

This interactive workshop and accompanying resource materials will help you decide which budget method is best for you and how to best manage your budget to pay creditors and maximize your working capital. 

No matter what size your business, you will need to develop a cash budget to monitor your cash intake and spending.