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Fulton Bank
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Fulton Bank

Growing a Customer Base

Promoting Your Business

Reaching the right customer, at the right time, via the right channel is the result of focused planning and execution.   

Tap into this resource to help you create a cost-effective media plan that will help you turn higher quality leads that convert into sales and help you understand various media options.

Pricing Your Products and Services

Personalization strategies to Attract Customers

Whether you’re creating personalized experiences on the web or tailoring your direct marketing for customers, personalization can dramatically improve results.  This guide will help you understand proven ways to help you connect with customers and prospects and how to develop a personalization strategy.

Creating an Effective Customer Service Plan

This resource will help you establish an effective customer service plan and how to educate employees to deliver consistent and responsive customer service. 

As consumers have more choices, it’s important to provide a customer experience that keeps them coming back to your business.

Create Sales Letters

An effective sales letter can be one of the powerful tools in your arsenal of marketing materials. This in-depth article will show you how you can use letters to generate sales calls, reply to an inquiry, follow up with known prospects, and engage customers after a meeting or conversation.   

Create a Direct Mail Package

A relevant direct mail package sent to the right prospect with a compelling offer --  is a virtual salesperson for your business. This resource helps you understand the various elements that comprise an effective and responsive direct mail package.