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Fulton Insights

Making smarter financial choices begins with meaningful information. Fulton Insights is your resource for financial insights, advice, and helpful tools to help you make the most of today and tomorrow.

5 home improvements that instantly add value

Which home renovation projects create the most value when selling your home? Here are the 5 top home improvements you can make to increase your home’s resale value including estimated costs and average percent of cost recouped when you sell.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend Getaway (and Maintain Your Budget)

Without careful planning, your "cheap" weekend getaway could lead to financial stress. Here's how to avoid sneaky budget busters on your next trip.

Beginners Guide to Investing: Easy Ways to Start Now

No matter your income level, you can start investing to help you build wealth. But where do you begin? From 401(k)s to understanding investment terms, this article answers key investing questions to help you get started now.

A Parent's Guide: Buying your teen's first car

Helping your teen buy his or her first car doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride. This parent’s guide will make the car buying process easier —from creating a budget to the actual car buying experience.

How expensive is credit card debt, really?

This infographic breaks down how much credit card debt can cost you in the long run.

4 important tips to safely donate to charities

Like many of us, you want to help people who’ve been impacted by natural disasters. How do you know if your money is going to a legitimate charity? Here are 4 important tips to donate money safely.

How to create good debt(and steer clear of bad debt)

Before you take on any debt, consider whether the money you borrow is “good debt” or “bad debt.” This article helps you understand the difference between the two and provides examples which debt can help you reach important goals and which could damage your financial future.

Considering Refinancing? Read This First

Mortgage interest rates have fallen to the lowest level in over 17 months, and homeowners have are considering whether to refinance their existing mortgages. But is it smart financial choice for you? This article provides 4 key questions you should answer to help make an informed decision.

The Cost of Renting vs. Buying a Home

Buying a home is probably the largest purchase you’ll ever make. This infographic compares the costs and the benefits of renting vs. buying a home.

4 Summer budget lessons for your teen

Just because school is out learning about money shouldn’t stop. This article provides 4 smart ways to raise your teen’s financial IQ this summer and prepare them to better manage money.

How to Buy a House (While Selling Your Other One)

If you're looking to buy a new home but have a current home to sell, figuring out how to make it all work can be tricky. Here's how to do it.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

Making your home more attractive to buyers can help increase your chances making the sale. Discover these five high-impact strategies to help showcase your home’s best features.

Credit Basics - What it is and why its necessary

Understand the basics and background of what credit is and how it affects you

Credit Basics - What's a good score (and how to build it)

Learn about what makes up a good credit score and how you can build (or maintain) good credit

Fact or Fiction? Understanding Social Security Myths

We shine some light on common Social Security misconceptions to help you get the most from your hard-earned benefits

10 Ways to protect yourself online

Use these 10 strategies to help protect your personal and financial information while online.

5 simple steps to start saving

This article offers 5 steps to help you jump start your savings and put you on track for creating a foundation for more security and for reaching your long-term goals.

5 Common Budget Busters (and how to combat them)

Creating a budget is a great first step to putting your finances on the right track, but it’s easy to go off course. Here are five smart tips to help you avoid the most common budget pitfalls and sticking your plan.

How to create (and stick to) a budget

Learn how to create a budget in a few steps. The good news? It's something anyone can learn and succeed at.

Money Matters: The first steps to becoming a homeowner

In the first part of our three-part series on how to buy your first home, you’ll learn the steps you need to prepare for the financial aspects of buying a home – from saving for a down payment to getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan.

Finding the right home: Next steps to becoming a homeowner

You’ve imagined the home of your dreams, but how do you find it? This article shows you the smart steps you can take to find the right home for you – from lining up real estate professionals, touring homes, and making an offer.

Before you close: Final steps to becoming a homeowner

Understanding the final steps in the home buying process will help you know what to expect, what to watch out for and what can go wrong at the last minute. Here are tips on what to do before closing to final walk through.

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Use these three simple steps to get a jump start on organizing your finances.

Get Student Loan Smart

Student loan debt has surpassed the total amount of credit card debt owed by Americans. Here’s what students and their parents need to know before taking on student debt – from deciding what kind of loan is best for their situation to understanding repayment options.

Teaching your teens about money

Use these tips to help give your teens and pre-teens a basic financial education.