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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our people: respected, valued, and supported.

At Fulton, we're committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive environment where we acknowledge, respect, and welcome a diverse and collaborative working team.

At the core of our company, we work to welcome and support the differences of our employees. By fueling an environment of open-mindedness and respectfulness, we facilitate inspiration and innovation. This common vision defines and unites us wherever we are and in whatever we do.

Diversity drives us and empowers people from all backgrounds

We believe embracing the differences and similarities of all individuals in our organization spurs innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Respect and inclusion are a powerful foundation for all we do. 

When all team members see and feel that they are included, encouraged to do their personal best, and celebrated for their individuality and unique perspectives, our company excels. When everyone is valued, we’re stronger as a company.

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Inclusion helps us give everyone a voice 

Inclusion is not just a word, it’s a promise.  It is an integral part of a culture in which a diverse group of people feel comfortable and confident to be themselves and where everyone is valued and appreciated.

At Fulton, we continually strive to create a positive, supportive environment for everyone. One of many ways we foster inclusion is through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups provide opportunities for employees to enhance their professional experience and support and model Fulton’s commitment to DEI within our workforce and communities. 

icon representing fulton adaptADAPT: Abled & Disabled Allies Partnering Together - Helping to create awareness related to disabilities, provide support for team members, and celebrate achievements. 

 Fulton Future -  Investing in Fulton’s future by enhancing visibility of early professions to foster innovation towards a modern workforce, develop and secure successful talent, and enrich the communities we serve. 

 Fulton Pride - Serving as an ally to Fulton’s LGBTQ+ community by providing a safe place for community and connection. Working with all team members to ensure an inclusive workplace

 People of Color Experience - Sharing experiences and leveraging strengths to achieve career advancement and opportunity to employees of color.

icon of a remote workerRemote Workers - Strengthening cohesion and connectedness across all Fulton teams, whether they are working remotely, in the office, or in hybrid roles. 

Veterans - Uniting veterans, military families, spouses, and civilians to share experiences and bridge relationships within Fulton Bank and the community.

 Women in Technology - Empowering women at Fulton by engaging a diverse network of professionals to inspire, educate, and connect women working on both the technical and business sides of technology. 

Our commitment to equity means embracing and promoting fairness 

Equity is about creating equal possible outcomes for everyone because, despite effort and merit, people can experience substantial barriers in the workplace. We acknowledge that everyone has unique needs, experiences, and opportunities and we provide support to increase fairness, growth, and outcomes. 

3 Ways to Become an Ally

At Fulton Bank, we are focused on training and educating employees on the importance of being an ally at work and in their daily lives. A good place to start is with these 3 ways to become an ally.

What does being an ally mean to you?

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