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Management Training Program

Management Training Program - Mission Statement
With the skills and knowledge obtained in the Management Training Program, we will strive to develop a professional banking foundation in order to provide a superior customer experience, serve our community, and become future leaders of Fulton Financial Corporation.

Fulton Financial Corporation's Management Training program provides an unmatched opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of departments and functional areas within the organization. It is based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania through our affiliate, Fulton Bank. To read what former Trainees have to say about the program, click here.

Throughout the program, Management Trainees discover personal strengths and career interests as they travel throughout the Fulton Bank affiliate footprint. Trainees learn many aspects of the financial industry during departmental rotations as well as internal and external presentations. The program is typically 18-24 months long and consists of:

  • Rotational Training to expose you to various departments and their management teams.
  • Hands-On Experience with day-to-day departmental processes as well as responsibility for various projects.
  • Focused Skill Development to provide you with specialized training.

After successfully completing the program, Management Trainees are promoted to an entry-level officer manager or professional position. Career paths often include Retail Banking and Fulton Partners Sales and Management positions.

Our Trainees have a solid understanding of the corporation's strong foundation, culture and mission. This knowledge enables Trainees to be successful in their career at Fulton Financial Corporation and provide the ultimate customer experience.

I want to be a Management Trainee!

Oral and written communication skills are essential to this team-based position as Management Trainees frequently rotate through areas of direct customer contact. Individuals that view themselves as leaders in a team-based environment with a strong desire to obtain a leadership opportunity are encouraged to apply.  

Recruitment for the Management Training Program typically begins in February and occurs on an annual basis.  When positions are available, job postings and applications will be listed online. For a list of current job opportunities, click here.

Our Human Resources representatives visit many college and university campuses within our market to recruit for the program (typically in February and March). To arrange a meeting with a Fulton Financial Employment Representative during a campus visit, please contact the campus career services office.

We begin recruiting in February of each year.

Here's why former Management Trainees loved the program:

"The Management Trainee Program is a great way to learn about the financial industry. Now, as a Branch Manager, I love helping people find the best bank product for them!"

"Through my rotational training, I learned that each department plays an important role in the daily operation of the corporation. I found many areas of interest that has helped guide my career path at Fulton Financial."

"The program is a great opportunity to gain valuable first hand experience in many of the different departments in the corporation."