CashLink Commercial

CashLink: Commercial is specifically designed for the more complex needs of larger organizations. With a secure multiple user environment, CashLink: Commercial offers sophisticated reporting options and real-time interaction with your accounts.

To discuss which options are right for you, contact the Cash Management department at 1.800.385.8664 or 1.800.FULTON.4 or your local branch.


  • Account inquiry and transfer for deposit accounts and loans
  • Paid check imaging
  • Wire and stop payment initiation
  • Online bank statements for checking and saving accounts
  • Customized alerts
  • ACH and Bill Payment capabilities
  • Ability to pay bills online (additional fees may apply)

Account Inquiry

  • Real-time detail on deposit accounts
  • Commercial loan summary information
  • A variety of summary and detail reports on prior-day information
  • Recent history, including sophisticated search options
  • Multiple download formats, including BAI, Quickbooks and CSV
  • Ability to access summary and detail reports from a database, providing quick response time for larger volumes of data

Account Transfer

  • Real-time internal transfers between checking, savings and loan accounts
  • Perform future dated and recurring transfers

Online Statements

  • Choose to receive your checking and savings account bank statement online and no longer receive a paper statement.
  • Email notification when statement is available.


  • Balance threshold information reporting alert
  • Transaction and check cleared alerts
  • Outgoing wires waiting to be approved and/or released
  • Wires placed in rejected or revised statuses
  • ACH batches that are waiting to be released
  • Positive Pay exception alert

Home Screen Features

  • Personalize your home page and dashboard workspace
  • Access to 3rd party websites directly from your home page
  • Access to your Reports from your home page

ACH Origination Services

  • Initiate Business-to-Business ACH transactions
  • Initiate Business-to-Consumer ACH transactions
  • Direct Deposit of Payroll
  • Direct Debit
  • Vendor Payments
  • Tax Payments
  • Cash Concentration

Stop Payment

  • Place or cancel a stop payment on a single check or a range of checks
  • Perform inquiries on existing stop payments
  • Real-time interface

Check Imaging

  • View and print the front and back of paid check images


  • Ability to download account activity

Domestic Wire Transfer Initiation

  • Ability to release multiple wires simultaneously
  • Single and batch entry options
  • Repetitive or non-repetitive
  • Dual control release options
  • Real-time reporting
  • ABA number look up table

International Wire Transfer Initiation

  • Ability to initiate International Foreign Currency wire transfers
  • Link to BIC/S.W.I.F.T. codes

Web Deposit Reporting

  • Ability for remote locations to report deposit and sales information and initiate transfers to the headquarter's account
  • Control remote user's access to this function only

Automated Cash Concentration

  • Ability to draft your accounts at remote locations based on preset rules
  • Concentrate funds at the headquarter's account

Bill Payment

  • Save money, pay bills online
  • Fast, convenient, save time

User Access Controls

  • Ability to access administrative functions and account information using one user ID
  • Administrative users maintain account access for end users
  • Determine access to all functions by user and account
  • Optional dual control approval on certain transactions by user, dollar amount and account
  • Generate audit reports on end user activity