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Reverse Mortgage


Your home is one of the most valuable assets you have - and one that you would like to live in for years to come. If you are age 62 or older, a Reverse Mortgage may be the solution to helping you enjoy retirement in your own home. A Reverse Mortgage provides you with income by utilizing the investment youíve already made in your home. Youíve worked hard and deserve to take pleasure in your golden years, without the stress of financial matters. There are a variety of needs that this additional income may help satisfy, including:

  • Paying medical expenses
  • Additional monthly income
  • Traveling
  • Home improvements
  • Many more

Reverse Mortgage Facts

  • You retain ownership of your home and donít have to repay the loan until you sell the property, permanently move out of the home, or the property is passed on to your heirs
  • Utilize the equity youíve built in your home without moving or taking on extra debt
  • You choose how to receive your money: monthly payments, lump sum, line of credit, or combination of all three
  • Maintain an asset to pass down to your heirs - you or your heirs will never owe more than the value of the property

Call our Reverse Mortgage Specialists to determine if this type of mortgage may be right for you.

Dauphin, Lancaster and Lebanon Counties
in Pennsylvania
Deidre A. Brown
NMLS #: 615526
Office: 717.291.1323
Cell: 717.471.7897
Toll Free: 800.220.9034
Adams and York Counties in Pennsylvania Rob Shoemaker
NMLS #: 143134
Office: 717.824.8438
Cell: 717.283.8109
For all other areas in Pennsylvania Dale N. Shuey
Office: 610.898.8321
Cell: 610.413.9980
Delaware and New Jersey Adam Goldstein
Office: 856.217.3313
Cell: 856.217.3313
Maryland Mark Spencer
NMLS #: 138692
Office: 410.423.8236
Cell: 410.206.5279
Virginia Donna Harrington
NMLS #: 506606
Office: 757.321.6364
Cell: 757.605.8301