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Fulton Bank

Managing Your Employees

Build and maintain a powerful team.

Hire for Success

This guide provides resources for developing a hiring plan, recruiting, interviewing, and evaluating top candidates.

Hire quality employees and you increase your chances of satisfying customers with exceptional service and products.

Hire a Sales Staff

Your sales force is the "face" of the company, so you need talented, professional and highly-motivated individuals who will positively represent your company. This resource helps you discover new ways to recruit and build a successful sales team.

Building an Effective Team

Discover a proven six-step process for developing a high performance work team -- defining team goals, selecting the best candidates for the team, establishing the role of team leader, securing resources for the team, and measuring and rewarding success. 

Becoming a Manager

This resource helps you access your leadership effectiveness and provides a step-by-step program for managing high-performance teams.

Are you an effective team leader? Are you looking to enhance your skill set by learning how to manage high performing teams?

When to Delegate

Delegating tasks and responsibility is a vital component of time management.  This practical guide will help you discover how well you’re delegating and solutions to help you delegate smarter for improved teamwork and business results.

Time Management Strategies

Starting with an interactive efficiency quiz, these proven time management strategies can help you become more productive using either planners or computer programs or apps.

Measure Employee Effectiveness

This resource will help you understand how to apply the most effective measures and implement an incentive program that is fair to all employees in every department.

Fostering Intrapreneurial Ideas

"Intrapreneur" is the name given to employees who come up with their own ideas and then bring those ideas to life with the assistance and resources offered by their employers.  This interactive workshop will help you develop and shape an intrapreneurial program within your business.